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Proton Persona SE

rahman bashri

PROTON already launched a special edition of its award-winning car, the Persona Special Edition SE which features new enhancements on 26 august 2008. What makes this Persona SE so special? Lets take a look. Is it so special?

Well, exterior wise, we unfortunately will say “NO”! Why? because of there are not many changes on the looks of the Persona SE compared to Proton Persona basic model. Unlike Proton Wira SE that showed much different with the exterior compared to the basic wira model.

The exterior should be made differently so that people would easily identify “oh! that is the persona SE! Its cool!” from far without looking at the writings “persona SE” behind of the car.

There is only bezel black head lamp which I would say “cool”. The sport rim is not so sporty compared to wira SE and the door handle? Uh.. Not important to make it in chrome.

Instead of hitting the bad of the exterior changes, I would like to say the interior is cool! Why? Because of integration with GPS, auto cruise and full leather finishing. This features is what we call “special” for a car that priced at about RM60k. Yeah..

The winner of the Frost and Sullivan 2008 Best Model of the Year, the Persona will now spot a more elegant and exclusive look following a comprehensive re-styling on both the car’s interior and exterior.

Persona Special Edition (SE) is positioned to provide value-for-money and at the same time giving drivers the luxury of comfort with premium accessories.

New improved meter design with analog fuel meter which most of us prefered more than digital one because of the accuracy.

The new Persona SE features the following enhancements specification:

Luxurious Comfort
The new Persona SE will make driving more comfortable with its rich, beautiful and soft finish leather seat. It is easy to clean and is more durable than fabric. Fine leather trimmings and detailing are extended on to its steering wheel, gear knob and door panels lending further refinement to the Frost & Sullivan 2008 Best Model of the Year.

Navigation at ease
The Persona SE comes complete with an extra-large screen GPS system which makes navigation in and out of town a breeze. The driving experience will be further enhanced with a new meter combi-finishing which is race-inspired for a “minimalist” look. Its laser-red backlight provides good readability. For fuel-conscious drivers, the PROTON Persona SE is fitted with Auto Cruise. The feature functions at a touch-of-a-button that keeps speed constant, thus saving fuel by decreasing unnecessary accelerations.

Premium Design
To match the outstanding interior, the Persona SE is dressed with new body kit which enhances its sporty and premium look The design not only complement the silhouette but gives the car better aerodynamics. PROTON offers discerning car buyers two new exclusive colours – Brilliant Red and Blue Haze – guaranteed to create “a statement” for its driver.

Sporty & Stylish
To complete the top down refinements, Persona SE is given a more personal touch with black bezel head lamp which adds to its sporty and stylish look. The design is complemented with alloy rims and silver matte door handles.

The enhancements made to the Persona SE do not compromise on the Persona family’s standard features like the 1.6L CamPro IAFM engine as well as the Lotus ride and handling technology.

Product enhancements are a continuous process in PROTON to offer more value to our customers. The launch of the new Persona SE is aimed to excite new buyers and make them view the car as their first choice

Despite its comprehensive enhancements, PROTON kept the on-the-road (OTR) price of Persona SE at under RM60,000 which makes it very competitive against other models in the same category in the market.

The price of new proton persona SE Special Edition is RM59,80o


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